The Language of the Stones

Barcelona is a city full of hidden messages standing before our eyes. Over the centuries, its residents have left their print on the stones, sometimes fortuitously, sometimes on purpose. From daily habits, like making tiny notches with a knife on a wall, to the wounds and scars of the war bombing the core of the city, from personal messages to political graffities, the stones will allow you to follow the path of the lives of Barcelonians, and the history of the city.

Travel on time with us through the indents that the city fosters in the countless corners of the streets of Barcelona. Discover these mysteries and admire the city with fresh eyes when the stone reveals its secrets: everything is concealed, and in sight at the same time.

Duration: 2h.
Price: 10 €/person
Available languages: English, Spanish, Greek, Catalan.

It’s all there, in front of our eyes, and/ but at the same time it’s hidden. Discover those mysteries and with the stones revealing their secrets, you will admire the city with fresh eyes.

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