From Barcelona Other Eyes we offer different walking tours, as an alternative to the classic touristic tours. Through the local gaze of our guides, we offer you to interpret the rich and complex past of our city, keeping in mind not only academic historiography, but also our popular culture that, by word of mouth, often reflects the real life of Barcelonians throughout time better than official history.

That is what makes our work different: our topics break with clichés, and reveal what can’t be found in other tours. Come and get to know us, look at the city with Other Eyes.


In our routes we limit the number of participants to 15 and theres is no minimum. Our intention is to offer walks where prevail the dialog within the guide and the traveler, opening our tours to the questions and interests of the visitor.

Cinema en Barcelona

Montjuic, the Magic Mountain

Legends and stories of Barcelona

A tribute to Joan Amades

Nightlife In Barcelona

Spanish Civil War In Barcelona

The Language of the Stones

Raval Walking Tour

Spirits, witches, and beasts

Women of Barcelona

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