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Discover Barcelona’s history through the eyes of a local. Get to know the city’s glorious past following the signs left on the streets by its past inhabitants. Time travel from the Iberic era to the Civil war discovering hidden signs, urban myths and personal histories. Unveil the human face of the melting pot  that Barcelona has been through the centuries.

Barcelona is an alive city in constant change through the centuries with a thousands names. The roman city (Barcino), the city that died (destroyed by Almanzor), the rose of fire, the city of the prodigies, of the utopies, the dreamed city, the Olimpic, the lady and the slut, all that cities are one and every inhabitant and traveler has participated in its construction. Take a walk with us and leave your own trace.


In our routes we limit the number of participants to 8 and theres is no minimum. Our intention is to offer walks where prevail the dialog within the guide and the traveler, opening our tours to the questions and interests of the visitor.

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