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The Gothic Route

Barcelona, archive of the courtesy, hostel of the foreigners, hospital of the poors, homeland of the braves, revenge of the insulted, unique beauty.

- Miguel de Cervantes

Come with us through the historic scenery where the cities transformations happened.

Discover with us the tracks left behind by the anonymous inhabitants of Barcelona. The Iber, Roman, Visigoths, Arab, Jewish influences that still energize its streets. Discover hidden Roman temples, 2.000 year old graves, the church that was the site of a king assassination, the attempted assassination of Fernando el Católico. Find out how public hangings and medieval tournaments were celebrated.

Discover the processes and place of the Inquisition, the famous Casa dels Juglars (The Minstrel House), the mysterious symbols used by the cathedral builders, Hebraic inscriptions and legends of magical swords from the middle ages, miracle fountains and the plazas where magic potions or dragons blood could be bought, even the site of the christening of the first Indians that arrived with Columbus.



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