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Barcelona in War

In Barcelona the cobbles must have numbers to rebuilt easily the barricades.

- George Orwell

A walk through the history of the city’s fight for freedom focusing on the Spanish Civil War and also touching on other key conflicts, such as the Reapers’ War and the War of the Spanish Succession, as well as some of the most important events of the 19th century which saw the birth of anarchism and workers’ associations.

We invite you to discover the city with new eyes while you step into the shoes of the anonymous people who were at the forefront of the conflicts and civil strife of the decades which culminated in the Spanish Civil War in 1936.

This route will take you on a journey from the outbreak of war until the beginning of repression and the dictatorship in 1939. You’ll be able to visit the scenes of the events and the places that still bear the visible scars of the conflict, and discover long-overlooked real-life stories and experiences.

Your guide will fill in the background to the conflict and you will relive the military uprising, the taking of the city by the anarchists, the bombings and their impact on the population, the road to exile and the entry of the Nationalist troops into Barcelona.

You’ll also be given an insight into previous armed conflicts and the key events of the 19th and early 20th centuries, which were certainly the most tumultuous and eventful years in the history of our country.



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Available languages: English, Spanish, Greek, Catalan.